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August 2017

The Charity is pleased to share the above link with everyone who supports our aims in funding Brain Tumour Research. The link connects to a recently published paper in a worldwide medical journal and features a research project by Dr Sarah Kohe of The Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences University of Birmingham, this work was funded by The Andrew McCartney Trust Fund.


June 2016

Pictured left to right Olga Grant, Chas Grant & Dr Sarah Kohe.

November 2014
Birmingham Childrens Hospital

Pictured from left to right
Professor Andrew Peet, Olga Grant, Dr Sarah Kohe, Charles Grant.

Following on from our earlier discussions (see below) we are pleased
to confirm that the charity has now awarded a further £20,000 for our research
project into Lipid Droplets and in paticular the significance of Glutamine
in Brain Tumours.


April 2014

Pictured from left to right:
Dr Carmel McConville, Olga Grant, Dr Sarah Kohe
& Professor Andrew Peet.

This picture was taken on 9th April 2014 at
The School of Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham.
We had been invited for an in depth presentation on the progress made
in our current funding project into the significance of Lipid Droplets
in Brain Tumours.

Dr Sarah Kohe is developing a new and unique staining method for studying
fat droplet tissue in different Brain tumour cells.

This pioneering research has never been attempted before.

Dr Sarah was able to report successfully achieving the first part of this new method which
will enable tumour tissue to be accessed in the future in much greater detail.
However further work is required on the second part of this research to achieve
high resolution fluorescent microscopy to label the lipid droplets.

In light of this significant and important research the charity is pleased to
announce that we shall be allocating more funding towards
progressing this work further.

To read the full report of this research please click on the
PDF icon below
Report on our current research funding
from Cancer Sciences Department
University of Birmingham
Please click on PDF symbol below.

Febuary 2014

We have just received these pictures from
Dr Carmel McConville at Cancer Sciences Dept University of Birmingham
showing the camera we purchased earlier this year
Dr Carmel says it has already been of great benefit to the research department.

                 Camera installed on microscope    Image of cancer cells from camera                 

July/August 2013

Following our July visit to Cancer Sciences Dept, University of Birmingham
for an update on progress of the current funding into the significance of
Lipid Droplets in Brain Tumours.
The charity is pleased to confirm we have donated £1500.00.
to purchase microscope imaging equipment.
This equipment will enable improved and more reliable collection of data
from experiments of Brain Tumour tissue.
Pictured below is Dr Carmel McConville who is heading our research project.

AMTF Progress Report June 2013
Future Progress Presentation July 2013

In this picture she is setting up a Brain Tumour tissue sample
for us to view through the microscope.

June 2012
We are pleased to annouce further funding of £25000.00
to build on this work.

Cheque handover to Dr Andrew Peet with Xiaoyan Pan
of School of Cancer Sciences University of Birmingham
2nd June 2012 at Lake Vyrnwy Charity Walk

We are proud to annouce our first major funding grant of £25000.00 to

School of Cancer Sciences,UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM

Pictured L to R
Dr Andrew Peet, Olga & Charles Grant, Dr Carmel McConville.

The grant will be funding a further 18 Months research into a project entitled

Fat droplets as an indicator of cell growth and death in brain tumours.

The aim of this project is to determine the composition of brain tumour lipid
droplets in tumour cells before and after treatment in order to understand
why they are important to cell growth and death. The hope is that this will
lead to new ways of treating these tumours which cannot be cured by surgery alone.

For more details about this research click here

Below are background papers relating to this current funding
please click the PDF boxes below.

Please click this PDF box for the 2012 Update
relating to this project


2011 Report


This funding has been made possible by the efforts of our supporters
who have purchased items from this website and
funds raised by all the other events featured on our News & Events pages.

Please support us so that we can continue to fund even more research.

Should you wish to donate funding or help in some other way please contact by
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